Privacy Policy

We value privacy and have several essential principles to keep your data confidentiality protected.

  • We ask for your private information only when it’s absolutely necessary and never ask for more data than is provided to provide excellent quality service.
  • The personal data obtained from our customers is never stored on our website for more time than is lawfully permitted.
  • We put great effort into giving our customers maximum control over the sharing, search engine indexing, storing, and deleting their personal information from the website.
  • We aim to achieve complete transparency throughout the process of collecting, storing and sharing your data.

Below you will find our Privacy Policy, which was compiled based onthose principles.

Who We Are and What Is Covered by This Policy

The company behind this website is called EduHelping. The privacy policy described here concerns the personal information we receive from our customers when they use the following:

  • this website:;
  • our Android and iOS mobile applications;
  • other services and products offered on our website, including the anti-plagiarism scan.

We recognize your right for privacy and guarantee keeping your private information secure. “Personal data” refers to any information provided that can disclose your persona, and is the information we vow to protect. Below you will find the information on how we gather, use, and store data, as well as choices you have for controlling that information. Please contact us whenever you have additional questions or concerns about your privacy.

How We Receive Personal Data

In order to fulfill the legal obligations or ones introduced in the contract, we can get personal data:

  • from you directly;
  • from our partners;
  • from legal arrangements: contracts you have with us or our web-site’s partners.

Which Information We Collect

Upon visiting our website, the following information can be immediately gathered by us:

  • your IP address;
  • the type of device you’re using to access our website;
  • technical information provided below.

You can find out more in our cookie policy. Learn more about the information we collect and how we process it below.

# Types of information Reasons for collecting the information
1 User’s location
  • User verification
  • Preventing fraudulent use of the website and resale of accounts
  • Tax and VAT purposes
2 User’s email
  • Primary means of communication with the user
  • Supplying the user with marketing and promotional information
3 User’s first and last name
  • User verification
  • Billing, issuing of invoices, and taxation of the user
  • Preventing fraudulent use of the website and resale of accounts
4 User’s phone number
  • User verification
  • Immediate means of communication with the user
  • Customer support
5 User’s physical address
  • Billing and issuing of invoices

Why We Collect Personal Data

We gather personal information from our users for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to deliver services you ordered from us through our website;
  • to remind you, being our existing customer, of the Company’s products and services you showed interest in, after some period has passed;
  • to give you information about the products and services you have purchased from our website, as well as related products and services;
  • to fulfill obligations stated in the Company’s contract;
  • for legal reasons - for instance, if you have signed a contract with us;
  • to inform you of the products and services provided additional features (in case if you consented to receive this kind of information).

Grounds for Collecting Information From You

We may collect personal information from you for two reasons: because we have your legal permission to collect data given to us in a contract or law, or because we have your consent for a specific action like completion of services or newsletter.

Legal Grounds for Processing Your Personal Information

We proceed with processing your personal data in one or more of the following cases:

  • you have entered a contract with us;
  • we have received your permission;
  • you have ordered services from us;
  • you expressed your desire to share the information;
  • we are required to do so by law.

How You Provide Us With Your Information

We can receive information about you along with your consent for using it in the following ways:

  • filling out a form or sending an email to the website;
  • making an order for our services through the website;
  • leaving feedback or posting reviews on the website;
  • contacting us through our official phone numbers.

The information provided by you can be of personal, financial, educational matter, or directly related to your order.

Information We Obtain From Other Sources

If you use any of the other websites we operate, order services from our network, or share your information with one of our business partners who have the permission to share the information with us, we can obtain your personal data.

We can also receive information about you from the third parties, including business partners and sub-contractors in the financial, delivery, and technical fields, advertising networks, background checking establishments, and other sources who are legally entitled to collect information from you and share it with us.

Files. Additionally, we retain the right to store the files you downloaded, uploaded, or accessed using our website. We ask you not to share with us the files for which you don’t have the permissions to use. Files containing your personal information or personal information of third parties without their permission are also prohibited from being shared with us - we do not guarantee the security of those files.

Who We Share Your Information With

Third parties can access your personal data shared, meaning that you gave your concent or we have a legal permission to do so. The data can be shared with the following parties:

  • our marketing department, who will supply you with promotional materials after you sign up for our website;
  • our legal partners and sub-contractors, provided that the data shared by you is needed to fulfill our or their contractual obligations;
  • our subsidiaries, as defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006;
  • with third parties in case you gave your permission.

Other Reasons Why We May Share Your Data With Third Parties

If EduHelping and all of its assets are acquired by a third party, the personal data shared by our customers will be transferred as part of our assets to the third party. Other reasons why your personal data may be shared with third parties include:

  • if there is a legal obligation we must comply with;
  • if sharing of information is legally requested by a government agency;
  • to apply or enforce our website agreements, including Terms of Use;
  • to protect the safety, property, or rights of EduHelping or our customers;
  • when sharing the information is necessary to prevent fraud or any sort of risks.

Aggregated And Anonymized Information

From time to time we may provide third parties with information that has been anonymized, aggregated, or both. It means that any of your personal data that can be used to identify you has been removed. This data does not qualify for personal information and is part of the statistics; however, you retain the right to object to sharing that information.

Where Your Data Is Stored And Processed

Your personal data is primarily stored and processed in the USA or the EU (“EEA”). You accepting of this privacy policy gives us permission to store the data outside of these states if we have the required storage facilities. The data shared with us is encrypted using the latest technology and is protected against access by unauthorized parties.